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GNOM Ч the long-distance underwater device (Open Company  " Indel-partner ")


GNOM Ч the long-distance underwater device (Open Company  " Indel-partner ")

Unusual underwater device for professional and amateur use! GNOM is a revolutionary remote-controlled underwater vehicle (ROV). The advanced technology used in the GNOM, made it portable, lightweight, easy to operate and affordable like no other ROV in the world! GNOM Ч the first personal ROV all over the world. It has 3Ч5 times less power consumption than other small size ROVs, built-in battery and videomonitor/recorder, all is packed in two cases, weight of complete system is 15Ч25 kg only. Very thin cable (2Ч3 mm diam) allows real working in a depth till 150m.


The main advantages of ROV Gnom:
  • Easy to use Ц everyone can operate the ROV using well known game joystick;
  • Very convenient for operations from any ship or boat Ц ROV can be launched from large vessel or even from rubber boat;
  • High availability Ц the system setup time is less than 3-5 minutes;
  • Small size and high maneuvering capability and ability to operate in hard-to-reach places such as small holes and cavities;
  • Easy for transportation Ц the complete system is packed in two cases only and carried by hand (total weight 12-25kg).
  • Very low  power consumption (100-150Watt) allow to power from battery (12V,12Ah)  built in surface control case. At the same time the real speed value  the same as in well known other microROVs.
  • Ultra thin cable (2-3mm diam) allows real operations in  depth.




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