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About Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological Engineering


Director of EDBOE RAS -  Sergey Ya. Sukonkin


Structure of EDBOE RAS:

Electronic R&D department

Mechanical R&D department

Submersibles R&D department

Geophysical systems R&D department

Department of designing and

   production of printed circuit boards


Processing department

Metrological department

Experimental manufacturing department

Marketing department

Administrative and financial group

Maintenance group


Customers and partners of EDBOE RAS in Russia are:

Shirshov Institute of Oceanology RAS, Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Oil and Gas Research Institute RAS, Institute of Water Problems RAS, Institute of Water & Ecological Problems RAS, Institute of Nuclear Research RAS, Institute of Radio-Electronics RAS, Acoustic Institute, Oceanography & Navigation Department, State Research Institute of Hydrography & Navigation of Ministry of Defence, Research Institute Morphyspribor, Scientific & Industrial Enterprise Sevmorgeologiya, State Scientific Center Yuzhmorgeologiya, Scientific & Industrial Enterprise Volna, Ltd Navdyne, Ltd Geospectr, Ltd Poisk, Ltd Seatechrim, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, OAO Gazprom and other institutes and companies.



EDBOE RAS collaborates with foreign research and design institutes and companies from the USA, India, Japan, Greece, Germany, France, England, Spain, Taiwan, Norway, Poland, Denmark and others.


Main directions of EDBOE RAS activities during last years are geophysical onshore and offshore investigation and exploration using in-house designed state-of-the-art scientific instruments like ocean bottom stations, autonomous recorders of seismic signals, underwater observatories.


Oceanological  research    Oceanological  research   Oceanological  research





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