Russian Academy of Sciences

Experimental Design Bureau of

Oceanological Engineering


Experimental Design Bureau of Oceanological Engineering

of Russian Academy of Science

More than 40 years EDB OE RAS carries out unique researches and development of new technologies, unique systems, equipment and instruments for fundamental and applied researches of the Ocean.

EDB OE has the necessary scientific and technical personnel for research and development work, the existing production facility allows to carry our the complete cycle of development and manufacture of experimental samples and prototypes of modern technology.

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Marine equipment of EDB OE RAS:

  • Manned submersibles;

  • Autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles;

  • Remotely operated underwater vehicles;

  • Towed Underwater Vehicles;

  • Autonomous surface vehicles;

  • Hydroacoustic navigation systems;

  • Hydroacoustic communication systems;

  • Autonomous bottom stationss;

  • Geophysical instruments;

  • Seismic stations;

  • Underwater lighting technique.



  • Research and development works;

  • Design and manufacture of instruments and equipment;

  • Exploration of resources both on the bottom and on land: oil, gas, gas hydrates, fresh water;

  • Ecological monitoring of the ocean;

  • The study of the precursors of strong offshore earthquake and tsunami




    Participation in the implementation of government programs and projects, including:

    • FTP World Ocean;

    • FTP Civil Marine Engineering Development;

    • FTP Research and development on priority directions of scientific-technological       complex of Russia;

    • FTP Scientific Instrumentation;

    • Instrumentation polygons for earthquake-prone regions of Russia;

    • Research sea range in the Black Sea;

    • Indian-Russian ILTP program.




    EDBOE  RAS  collaborates with  foreign  research and  design  institutes   and   companies  from Japan, India, Greece, Germany, France, England, Croatia, USA and other.



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