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GNOM the long-distance underwater device (Open Company  " Indel-partner ")


GNOM  the long-distance underwater device (Open Company  " Indel-partner ")

Unusual underwater device for professional and amateur use! GNOM is a revolutionary remote-controlled underwater vehicle (ROV). The advanced technology used in the GNOM, made it portable, lightweight, easy to operate and affordable like no other ROV in the world! GNOM the first personal ROV all over the world. It has 35 times less power consumption than other small size ROVs, built-in battery and videomonitor/recorder, all is packed in two cases, weight of complete system is 1525 kg only. Very thin cable (23 mm diam) allows real working in a depth till 150m.


The main advantages of ROV Gnom:
  • Easy to use everyone can operate the ROV using well known game joystick;
  • Very convenient for operations from any ship or boat ROV can be launched from large vessel or even from rubber boat;
  • High availability the system setup time is less than 3-5 minutes;
  • Small size and high maneuvering capability and ability to operate in hard-to-reach places such as small holes and cavities;
  • Easy for transportation the complete system is packed in two cases only and carried by hand (total weight 12-25kg).
  • Very low  power consumption (100-150Watt) allow to power from battery (12V,12Ah)  built in surface control case. At the same time the real speed value  the same as in well known other microROVs.
  • Ultra thin cable (2-3mm diam) allows real operations in  depth.




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