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Hydroacoustic navigation system with ultra short base line. (HANS-USBL)


Integrated navigation system of new generation, comprising wide range of USBL navigation system unified modules and application-dependent software.

System is intended for high accurate location of autonomous, remote-controlled and towed underwater vehicles, as well as scientific different underwater devises, stations,   observatories and other underwater objects in any areas of World Ocean.   





HT-6000 HT-2000

HT-6000 & HT-2000









System structure:

Four types of hydroacoustic transponders:

 -  HT-6000, HT-2000, HT-200 for the mounting on underwater vehicles and on others various underwater objects at depths 6000, 2000, 200m, respectively.

 -  HT-B for bottom placing up to 6000m, equipped by hydroacoustic release.

There is provided external triggering of underwater vehicles transponders via the cable.


The set of hydroacoustic arrays:

- Two types of undersurface shipboard hydroacoustic combined USBL antennas for communication distances up to 8000m and 500m. Electronic control units are placed in pressure case and contain multi channel receiving system, power amplifier, control and communication microcontroller module.   


- Antenna systems are mounted on towed carrier for the operation during vessel motion.


-  Deepwater hydroacoustic receiving USBL antenna with electronic unit for the placing on underwater vehicles and for communication distances up to 3000m.  


-  The set of heading, roll, pitch gage transducers for the sense of angular data and spatial coordinates of hydroacoustic antennas.    Antenna systems provide the generation and transmission of command signals, receiving and optimal processing of response signals, the measurement of slant distance and observed bearing for all types of transponders, input measured parameters and data of spatial coordinates to the shipboard control, navigation data acquisition, processing and display system.


- Satellite navigation receiver GPS for the positioning of towed carrier.


- Shipboard control, data acquisition, processing and display system, corresponded

hardware-software complex , based on PC and intended for the control of navigation system operation, input navigation and ancillary information, data processing, display and data recording on storage device.


HANS USBL Specification

- Operational slant distance:

   HT-6000/HT-B up to 8000m; 

   HT -2000 up to 3000m;  

   HT-200 20-500m.


- Self-contained operation time:

   HT-B -1 year;   HT-6000-3 months;  HT-2000-45 days; HT-200-48 hours.


- Number of responses: 

   HT-B - 100000;   HT-6000 & HT-2000 20000; HT-200- 2000.


-  Frequency range:

   30-50 kHz for the distance up to 500m; 7-14 kHz up to 8000m.


-  Fluctuating error of the positioning:

   HT 6000, HT-2000, HT-B, not more than 0,5% of slant distance;

   HT-200 not more than 1% of slant distance.


- Weight: 

   HT-6000 & HT-2000 - up to 10kg; HT-B up to 20kg; HT-200 - up to 0,2kg.




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