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MARSS - marine autonomous recorder of seismic signals



MARSS - autonomous seismic station for operating in offshore and onshore zones without sources (air-gun).


Developed for registering micro-seismic wave field in shelf areas in seismic monitoring systems as well as for geological and geophysical research of hydro-carbon deposits.


MARSS is equipped with sensitive seismic sensor SM-3KV1 mounted in joint cardan in lower part of the station. Such kind of construction lets sensor to keep vertical position up to 25 degree slope of the ocean bottom area.

Special cardan joint construction allows to place high-sensitive seismometers S-3 type inside underwater seismic stations.


Frequency range 0,5 - 40 Hz

Sensitivity (F - 1 Hz) 0,4 10 m/s

Dynamic range 110 dB

Registration time duration 20 days

Power consumption 0,2 W

ADC Period 16; 8; 4; 2 ms

Internal timer error 10 sec

Max depth (standart hull) 300 m

Max depth (titanium hull) 6000 m

Memory 512 Mb- 8 Gb 





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