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Ocean bottom geophysical observatory (OBO)


»сследовательска€ подводна€ обсерватори€

Intended for investigations of geophysical and geochemical processes in bottom layer of World Ocean, continental shelf and internal water basins. It can be applied f or integrated investigations of natural and man-made ecological disaster in open sea and offshore zones as well as for long-time monitoring. Data can be stored inside of the observatory during operating in autonomous regime (up to several months period) or can be transmitted through deep water cable to the costal Center of data storage and summarizing in real-time.



Х 3D seismometer

Х Seismo-acoustic hydrophone

Х Current meter & CTD

Х Magnetometer

Х Radioactivity spectrometer

Х Acoustic-optical spectrometer

Х Support mooring station

Х Hydroacoustic & cable communication subsystems

Х Vessel and shore base data collecting and processing subsystems

Х Shipboard hydroacoustic communication subsystem






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