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ARSS-1 - autonomous recorder of seismic signals


јвтономный регистратор сейсмических сигналов


Developed for analysis of micro-seismic background during exploration different onshore and coastal areas and objects as well as for registration and online analysis of seismic signal analysis rising from different sources. Can be used for seismic monitoring, coastal and onshore geology-geophysical operations.

јвтономный регистратор сейсмических сигналов в сборе


Frequency range - 0,5 - 40 Hz

Dynamic range - 120 dB

Number of measurement channels - 1

Sensitivity (F - 1 Hz) - 0,4х10-9 m/s

Operating depth, up to - 20 m

Maximum registration time - 20 days

Power consumption 0,2 W


 онструкторские работы √рафическое представление результатов исследований √рафики сигналов ј–—— ”становка ј–——



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