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Broadband autonomous bottom seismograph



Measurement and registration in a wide frequency band signals from local and distant earthquakes and microseisms on a Bottom of Sees and Oceans.

Ўирокополосный автономный донный сейсмограф с оперативной передачей информации (Ўјƒ—-ќѕ»)

Operational parameters 

1. Frequency pass-band:                from 0.003 Hz to30 Hz

2. Number of registration channels                                   4

3. Sensitivity on the frequency 1 Hz                      10-9 m/s

4. Dynamic measurements range                             115 dB

5. Duration of continuous record                            45 days

6. Power consumption                                                 1 W

7. Maximum depth                                                 6000 m

8. All-up weight                                                        80 kg




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